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By Artemis Alexiadou

This monograph investigates a few principal concerns within the Syntax of Adverbs with certain connection with Greek within the mild of Kayne's (1994) Antisymmetry speculation. It examines the stipulations at the placement of many of the adverb forms, their licensing specifications, and their relation to adjectives. the writer advances an research in accordance with which adverbs are approved as Specifiers of useful projections within the clausal area. As such, they input an identical relation with the correct beneficial properties of the respective sensible head. Adverbs are both at once merged on the correct useful projection (for example Aspectual and Speaker orientated adverbs) or however they're moved to this place from the supplement area of the verb (for example demeanour adverbs). in addition, the quantity examines the phenomenon of Adverb Incorporation. it truly is proposed that Incorporation is compulsory for these vice chairman inner Adverbs that are 'structuraly non-complex' in Chomsky's 1995 phrases. ultimately, the similarities and adjustments among adverbs and adjectives, clausal and nominal constitution are investigated and a couple of asymmetries among the 2 are highlighted.

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The former would be expressed as 'w precedes z', the latter as 'q follows w'. If, given the argumentation above, is spelled out as 'x precedes y' then the structure in (8) is not well formed, because it contains two pairs that are not ordered and . 5 Adverbs and Antisymmetry As Kayne (1994: 137) points out, a result that immediately follows from Antisymmetry is that adverbs should be either complements of heads, as in Larson (1988, 1990 but see Jackendoff 1990 for some objections to this treatment), or specifiers of functional projections.

This is formulated as the Principle of Procrastinate. Checking can only take place under feature matching. Match­ ing/Agreement is performed under strict locality requirements. A maximal projection a agrees with a head ß only if it is the specifier of ß (α= ZP in (12)). A head a agrees with a head ß only if a is adjoined to ß and ß must be a functional head (cf. Zwart 1993). e. the features of a must be non-distinct from the features of ß in the case of Spec-head Matching. Mismatching terminates the derivation: ANTISYMMETRY AND THE MINIMALIST PROGRAM 29 In such a system, Licensing can potentially be re-interpreted as moving of the lexical elements from the lexical domain, more precisely from the complement domain of a lexical head, to the functional domain and in checking whether the respective features match.

This proposal implies that clitic like elements should move overtly to avoid crashing. 7 Under these assumptions, the LCA can be understood as operat­ ing as a filtering condition at the PF side of the grammar. e. specifiers) precede their targets. Chom­ sky concludes that also in the Bare Theory it can be proved that the adjunct pre­ cedes its target, whether this adjunct is internally complex or not. Crucially, both in Kayne and Chomsky, specifiers precede their targets and adjunction is to the left.

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