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Lively Server Pages strategies explores the entire elements that paintings with energetic Server Pages, reminiscent of HTML (including Dynamic HTML), scripting, ActiveX controls, Java applets, web info Server and net Explorer. pro net builders Al Williams, Kim Barber, and Paul Newkirk aid you mix ASP with different applied sciences, together with client-side script, Java, and DHTML, to create compelling websites that's custom-made and user-relevant. This booklet comprises sensible recommendation that you should use daily to create strong websites that hook up with databases, deal with consumer integration, and extra. you will additionally locate precise chapters dedicated to utilizing visible InterDev or FrontPage, and lots of examples of customized client-side and server-side gadgets utilizing visible simple and Java.TOC: bankruptcy 1 - the realm large WhyChapter 2 - bounce correct InChapter three - Server-Side Scripting in VBScriptChapter four - Server-Side Scripting in JavaScriptChapter five - Server-Side ObjectsChapter 6 - the buyer

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The LaTex Web companion: integrating TeX, HTML, and XML

This ebook indicates how one can put up LaTeX files on the internet. LaTeX used to be born of the scientist's have to arrange well-formatted details, rather with photographs and arithmetic integrated; the net used to be born of the scientist's have to converse details electronically. This publication, describes instruments and methods for reworking LaTeX assets into net codecs for digital book, and for remodeling internet resources into LaTeX records for optimum printing.


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