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Metamorphoses III: An Extract 511-733 (Bloomsbury Latin Texts)

Editor notice: Introductory, observation and notes by way of John Godwin

Metamorphoses is an epic poem yet is especially diversified from what we predict in an epic. unique, artistic and captivating, the poem tells the tales of myths that includes changes, from the production of the universe to the demise and deification of Julius Caesar. ebook III concentrates at the condominium of Thebes, and this option info the tale of Pentheus and his tragic finish after refusing to recognize the god Bacchus.

This variation includes the Latin textual content in addition to in-depth statement notes which supply language aid, clarification of adverse phrases and words, and research of literary beneficial properties in addition to info at the historical past to the tale. The advent offers an outline of Ovid in his ancient and literary context, in addition to a plot synopsis and a dialogue of the literary style and metre. All phrases within the textual content are given in a whole vocabulary on the finish and there also are feedback for extra examining.

This is the prescribed version of the verse set textual content for OCR's AS GCE Classics Latin qualification, for exam from 2015 to 2017 inclusive.

The Great Immigration Scandal

On March eighth [2004], the writer used to be suspended on complete pay from his task as a house workplace immigration caseworker having blown the whistle on frequent abuse and cover-up of the government's coverage of 'Managed Migration'. His revelations within the Sunday occasions contributed to the resignation of immigration minister Beverley Hughes.

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