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By M.R. Muirhead, Thomas J.L. Alexander, James M. Muirhead

A pocket advisor designed as a significant other to "Managing Pig healthiness and the therapy of Diseases", offering speedy and simple connection with the identity and therapy of a entire diversity of pig ailments. It contains accomplished signs tables, analysis suggestion and applicable remedies.

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The claw is often swollen. Bursa - A true bursa is a sac containing lubricating fluid but in pigs the term is often used to describe a fibrous lump beneath the skin covering bony prominences, caused by constant pressure. Callous - An outgrowth of bone due to trauma to or irritation of the periosteum. Chondrocytes - Cells found in cartilage. They form future bone. Crepitus - The broken ends of bone rubbing together. Epiphyseolysis - Separation of the epiphyseal or growth plate. It occurs as part of the leg weakness syndrome and fractures can occur for example, in the ball and socket joint of the femur.

By causing disease in small groups of pigs as a result of poor husbandry, the pathogenic organism 39 multiplies up to a concentration that may overcome the more resistant pigs. e. herd immunity). 2-0) The Causes of Disease (31) It is likely that when considering the causes of disease you think first of infectious micro-organisms. You would be right to do so in that infectious disease plays a much bigger role in pig herds, particularly large intensive pig herds, than in animals kept individually such as dogs and cats.

Whereas most problems arise due to deficiencies, diseases can also occur due to excesses. 2-15. A consistent feature of vitamin deficiencies is poor growth but this can also be associated with many other factors. If there is a problem in your herd I would refer you to Chapter 9 on the differential diagnosis of poor growth in weaner and feeder pigs under "Managing the Growing Pig for Health and Efficient Production". Mineral deficiencies are not uncommon today, particularly where the demands of lactation in the modern rapidly growing genotypes are difficult to satisfy.

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