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Canterä udirä udiro D. caffe ragii palto E. astracan bazar nadir Type II: Penultimate A. amore B. carretto pensiero civile minestra amico Type III: Antepenultimate A. comodo B. , have PS stress on the antepenult although the penult is in closed syllable. For this reason we could not give a rule predicting penultimate stress on words like carretto on the basis that a penultimate short V is stressed in a closed syllable. It seems that type II and III can only be handled in a general way by assigning stress partly on morphological information and partly on vowel length.

Notice that it is not just a mapping of physical noises into any finite set of symbols. The relation between the physical sounds and the 'spelling' chosen is not arbitrary but rather of 'linguistic' relevance. Each matrix D consists of a concatenated sequence of segmenttypes. A segment is a bundle of unordered acoustic/articulatory distinctive features. A matrix in our sense consists of a set of + and — distributed in a cross arrangement of rows and columns. The columns represent the segments and the rows the features.

The former includes all vowelsliquids whereas the latter includes consonants. The liquids have been classified with the vowels instead of the consonants because the resulting tree is more symmetric (and efficient). Furthermore all liquids and vowels are voiced, non-significantly. Consequently a simple rule can be formulated which assigns voice to [+vocalic] segments: the subset of liquids and vowels. (ii) CONSONANTALITY (ens). Consonantal sounds are accompanied by occlusion, or contact, in the oral cavity whereas non-consonantal sounds have a lesser degree of narrowing.

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