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This leaves the glottal stop in syllable-final position, from which it is deleted. 8. 7) or some (unknown) historical process, they contract to form a single syllable. This is evident at the ends of words where the contraction produces an irregular primary stress on the final syllable. This is the result we would expect if stress were assigned to the penultimate syllable, according to the regular rule, and then the ultimate syllable is lost.

The final /´/ in (i) first changes to an /a/ under the influence of the clitic syllable. 8). ' (ZOH1R18 242) The simple case for (b), syllable-final deletion, occurs when a glottal stopfinal root such as t´/-, 'to want' is followed by a consonant-initial morpheme, like a plural suffix. Remember that there aren't very many vowel-final morphemes in this language, and no vowel-final verb roots. When a morpheme-initial glottal stop fails to delete, it serves as evidence that the preceding morpheme does indeed end in a glottal stop.

Some verb stem compounds in MIG Zoque are core junctures. 4), the two cores are 'I HELP my mother' and 'my mother WASH clothes'. ' (elicited) Clause junctures combine two clauses, including separate sets of peripheral elements. 5). 3. The Spanish invasion and Zoque grammar The Spanish invasion of Mexico began in 1519. The Oaxacan Zoques were isolated in their vast, high, Chimalapan wilderness, and perhaps suffered less intrusion than lowland groups of indigenous people. However, every level of Zoque grammar has been affected by contact with Spanish to some degree.

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