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By Van de Velde, Mark L.O.

A Grammar of Eton is the 1st description of the Cameroonian Bantu language Eton. it's also one of many few entire descriptions of a North-western Bantu language. The complicated tonology of Eton is thoroughly analysed and awarded in an easy and constant descriptive framework, which allows the reader to maintain song of Eton's many tonal morphemes. Phonologists may be specifically attracted to the research of stem preliminary prominence, which manifests itself in a few logically self sufficient phenomena, together with size of the onset consonant, phonotactic skewing and variety of tonal attachment websites. Typologists and Africanists engaged on morphosyntax will locate necessary analyses of, between others, gender and contract; stressful, point, temper and negation; and verbal derivation. they are going to come upon many morphosyntactic transformations among Eton and the higher recognized jap and Southern Bantu languages, frequently because of evolutions formed through maximality constraints on stems. The chapters on clause constitution and complicated buildings offer facts rarely present in assets at the languages of the area, together with descriptions of non-verbal clauses, concentration, quasi-auxiliaries and adverbial clauses.

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A period of friction is clearly visible on the spectrogram. Realisation rules 27 Figure 3. 7. Elision In a succession of two identical obstruents, none of which is syllabic, only one is realised. 4). 2. Vowels Before discussing rules of allophony, the realisation of the vowels of Eton is illustrated by means of two vowel plots. Figure 4 shows all vowel phonemes of Eton (plus the allophone [ŵ] of the phoneme /Ų/) as pronounced by Désiré Essono. The measurements were taken in different phonological contexts, with between 15 and 20 tokens per vowel.

46) a. |sÞ‫͡ڟ‬d-àn| ࣰ /sÞ‫͡ڟ‬dân/ ‘be sharpened’ b. |à-lú| ࣰ /àlú/ ‘night’ c. |wÞ‫ڟ‬g-dànà| ࣰ /wÞ‫ڟ‬gdânà/ ‘feel' The examples showing harmony in (44) are all derived forms. Given that all non-initial stem vowels are either /i/, /a/ or a harmonic mid vowel, it makes 19. This is a bit problematic for the choice of a structural representation for reduplicated stems. In accordance with the general principles set forth in the introduction of this chapter, I will use a structural representation that reflects the surface form as directly as possible.

As expected, these nonsense words were all pronounced with stem-initial prominence. The voiced obstruents /d/ and /b/ were lenited in post-prominent position, but /l/ never was. 3). The consonant lengths in the experiment, presented in Table 6, are comparable to those of spontaneous speech in Table 5. The mean value for prominent /m/’s in the table is calculated on the basis of the cases where /m/ is the initial consonant of the morphological stem only. Interestingly, when /m/ is a prefix consonant integrated in the prosodic stem, as in (6b), it is considerably longer, viz.

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