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By Professor Emeritus Lewis E Hahn PhD

This option of articles through Lewis E. Hahn addresses the philosophical college of contextualism and 4 modern American philosophers: John Dewey, Henry Nelson Wieman, Stephen C. Pepper, and model Blanshard.            Stressing the particularly contemporary contextualistic worldview, which he considers the most effective international hypotheses, Hahn seeks to accomplish a vast standpoint during which all issues will be given their due position. After supplying a quick define, Hahn explains contextualism on the subject of different philosophies. In his establishing bankruptcy, as in later chapters, he expresses contextualism as a kind of pragmatic naturalism. even with Hahn’s excessive regard for contextualism, despite the fact that, he doesn't imagine it'd be sturdy if we have been constrained to a unmarried worldview. “The extra various perspectives we now have and the extra varied resources of attainable mild now we have, the higher our percentages that a few of these cosmic maps will make clear our international and our position in it.”

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This may be marked by a more or less vague sense of something having gone wrong, a breakdown in habitual responses or modes of action. Our usual patterns of response do not 24 Contextualism and Cosmic Evolution-Revolution seem to be working or have run into difficulty. The situation may be one of practical friction or strain, conflicting tendencies, perplexity, ambiguity, or doubt. One of us comes thirsty to the familiar water hole or spring in the wilderness and finds no water or perhaps hears an insistent rattling as one bends to drink.

And if we insist on a differentiated account, some things being more an expression of the divine will than others, the naturalist questions whether the supernaturalist has explained enough. How illuminating it is to be told that God created the world, of course, depends partly on what kind of deity is the creator; and the naturalist wants something more than an alleged revelation to establish a benevolent deity. Once we accept the idea of an external supernatural power in terms of some revelation, we seem to be operating primarily within the domain of our ignorance rather than building on what we have learned through critical inquiry.

In this connection, as we have seen, a great deal of contextualistic interpretation of evolution also has been given, thus anticipating the concluding interpretive comments of the final section of this essay. Concluding Contextualistic Notes on Evolution In tracing the implications of evolutionary theory for various aspects of philosophy I have already sketched the main outlines of a contextualistic interpretation of evolution, but in this section, for emphasis and further clarification, I should like to present four or five points in this interpretation in somewhat different terms and supplement briefly my earlier account of some of them.

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